OS Rooster Decals

OS Rooster Decals

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Think about where your want to place your decal.
Clean the surface of the object you are placing the decal. (Preferably with alcohol)
Remote the backing making sure the decal is on the clean transfer paper 
Firmly stick the decal on the surface of the object, leaving no gaps
Once securely placed, remove the transfer paper 

Detailed instructions are included in each order.


Please allow 2 weeks for delivery and 2-3 business days to ship. If you don’t receive your order after 2 weeks, PLEASE contact me so I can assist.

** NO TRACKING NUMBER- if you would like one, the current cost via USPS is $4. If you would like a tracking number select the WITH tracking option. If you have questions regarding this, please email me at catchotcollections@icloud.com